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We give you the right tools to find the best driving school to fit your needs. Find the best driving education, and everything you need to know about driving in Florida, all in one place!

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find florida driving schools

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Don’t take to the roads without the proper knowledge. Driver Education Programs are designed to teach you the material you need for the state’s written exam so you have the information you need before you begin practicing on the road.


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Who Needs a Florida License to Drive?

If you are a Florida resident, you must get a Florida license to drive a motor vehicle on public streets and highways.

Driving Lessons

Learn to drive

Behind the wheel driving lessons will teach you not only the physical aspects of how to control a car, but the mental aspects so you can understand and predic situations before they happen.

Permit Testing

Get your learner permit!!!

Getting your permit is an exciting step and the first step you take in learning to drive in Florida. Get your learner’s permit from one of Florida’s top providers.

License Testing

Learn to drive and get a Florida license

Did you know you can skip the DMV and get your license from a third party provider? Avoid the lines and crowds and take your test with one of Florida’s qualified and licensed testing facilities.

Online Courses

Learn to drive in the comfort of your home or office

Virtual driving lessons provide you with a safe and effective way to learn how to drive. You pick where and when you take your online courses and take them at your own pace.

Ticket School

Remove points from your license

If you have been pulled over and issued a ticket, or received a letter from the state informing you that you need to complete a driver improvement course, this is the right place to find what you need!

Manual Lessons

Learn how to drive a stick shift the right way!

Learn how to drive a stick shift the right way! Our Manual instructors have extensive performance backgrounds and will get you driving a stick shift the right way in no time!

Special Programs

Driver Education

To learn the rules of the road

Driver Education courses are designed to teach you the material you will be tested on during the state’s written exam. This allows you to know the rules of the road before you get behind the wheel.

Mature Drivers

Keeping drivers on the road longer
Keep your insurance rates low by taking a senior driver class! These courses can also help with non-medical driving evaluations.

Driver Education

For children with special needs

Can your special needs child drive? Yes they can! And the number of adolescents driving with special needs is growing. Check out these special needs driving programs that are customized around your student.


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All that You Need Know About

Driving in Florida

We offer you an informative guide based on the Official Florida Driver’s License Handbook